Planning a simple ‘legals only’ marriage ceremony in Canberra

Planning a simple ‘legals only’ marriage ceremony in Canberra

Sometimes marrying couples have a preference for a simple ‘legals only’ marriage ceremony.  I appreciate that the circumstances of every couple are different, and they will have their own individual preferences and wishes for their ceremony.  Accordingly, I offer an affordable package for a ‘legals only’ ceremony.  This includes the option of the ceremony being held in my internal courtyard garden in Kingston, Canberra.

My courtyard is a light‑filled, serene and quiet spot with garden pleasures including natives, citrus trees and some running water.  As to numbers of people you might have at the ceremony, the courtyard will easily accommodate the marrying couple (of course!), the couple’s two witnesses, and a small number of family members and friends if this is your preference.

If you’d like an indoor ceremony, or the weather doesn’t go to plan, there are indoor spots adjacent to the courtyard garden which bring the outdoor space inside for the same serenity, quietness and appreciation of the garden.

As for any couple getting married, there are some legal requirements to marry in Australia in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961.  As an authorised celebrant, it’s my responsibility to work with couples on these requirements.  A key early matter to consider is the completion of the Notice of Indented Marriage form which is to be lodged with your chosen celebrant at least 30 days prior to the wedding date.  Also, at the ceremony, you’d have two witnesses attending, who in addition to the marrying couple, would witness and sign the marriage documentation.

I was delighted to marry Jassi and Kamal recently in my garden courtyard with a number of family members also attending.  I’ve included a few pictures from their ceremony with this blog for a peek at my garden courtyard.  Indeed, Jassi and Kamal also enjoyed having some photos taken indoors which was easily managed.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk more about planning your wedding ceremony.