Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

by Elena Forato

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a beautiful way for a couple to reaffirm their commitment to one another.


This type of ceremony suits couples who may have already legally married (often overseas) and would like to reaffirm their marriage vows before their friends and family in Australia.


It is also a ceremony for couples who may wish to renew their marriage bond on a special anniversary or to recognise other milestone occasions from their married life together.

What do I offer for your Renewal of Vows Ceremony…

  • An open, friendly and respectful initial meeting where we can discuss all matters relevant to your ceremony, and during which I will happily share my advice, ideas, and tips.
  • Access to my portfolio of readings, poems and music for some inspiration on the planning for and conduct of your ceremony.
  • Composition of a personalised written ceremony that tells your story as a couple and is tailored to your wishes and values.
  • Ongoing engagement and communication – meetings, email, telephone – to satisfy your needs and circumstances.
  • A ceremony package priced to suit your circumstances and ceremony.